How to prepare White Sauce? – Viji’s Food Recipes

White Sauce  300ml


Refined flour  –  15 gm

Fat   (Butter or Margarine) –   15 gm

Liquid (Milk and Stock)  –  300ml

Pepper and Salt                  to taste


  • Heat milk and stock. Remove and keep hot.
  • Melt the fat in a pan.
  • Add flour.  Mix smoothly and cook over gentle heat.  (2 to 3 min) without discolouring.
  • Remove from heat. Add the liquid, a little at a time to the roux until mixture is light and creamy. Stir all the time (if the liquid is not added gradually lumps are formed).
  • Add remaining liquid and mix thoroughly.
  • Return to heat and bring to boil stirring well all the time.
  • Continue boiling and stirring for 4 to 5 minutes, to cook flour thoroughly. If the boiling is not continued the sauce will be raw in flavour and dull instead of glossy. Season carefully.

N.B – The liquid depends on the kind of food with which the sauce is to be served.

For Meat :               Half milk and half stock or pot liquor.

For Fish :                 Half milk and half fish stock.

For Vegetables :    Half milk and half vegetable stock.

For Sweets :             Milk or Milk and water


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