How to Beat Hot Summer?

Always go for  ‘Nature’ method. Nature appropriately provides suitable vegetables and fruits for the maintenance of human evolution.

Cucumber :  One can eat raw cucumber but for convenience and taste, go for its salad. Cut cucumber into slices, add pepper and salt with addition of curd, you get delicious salad.

Palm Candy: It is available as raw and purified forms. Raw candy dissolved in water and with an addition of a small amount of tamarind juice, you get very get result when you are dehydrated. Purified candy can be chewed.

Watermelon: Prepare a glass – full of watermelon juice for a hot summer noon. Sweet-melon juice is still more tasty.

Grapes : Preferably black mes are best suited for consumption. Orange juice not only quenches your thirst but also a good energizer.

Lemon Juice: A simple lemon juice with a pinch of salt compensates the loss of minerals.

Tender Coconut : As instant energizer, ulcer soothing agent and delicious drink, tender coconut is an ideal drink for the summer. Its pleasant smell attracts even children. As a natural healer, it is prescribed for recovering patients.

Mango, citrus, cherry, plums and kiwi fruit juices are all natures gifts to over come the onslaught of hot summer.


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