How to Make Crab Curry?

Ingredients:  (for 4)

Crabs –  455 gm  (4)

Tomatoes –  115 gm

Coconut –   115 gm

Oil –  30 ml

Tamarind –  10 ml

Salt –  to taste

Kashmiri chillies –  10 gm

Coriander –  10 gm

Turmeric –  a pinch

Garlic –   a   few  flakes

Cumin –  a pinch

Ginger –  5 gm

Onions –  225 gm

Cinnamon –  a small piece

Spices for grinding


Wash crabs, pull the top shell from the body.

Discard the stomach bag attached to the shell below the eyes.

Discard greyish white  “dead man’s fingers” and wash well.

Cut each crab into 4 pieces.

Wash crab well.

Grind spices with coconut into a fine paste.

Heat oil and fry spices well.

Add crabs and fry.

Add chopped tomatoes and salt and cook on a slow fire.

When crab is cooked, add tamarind water ( soak tamarind in a little water and squeeze pulp ) and cook for 20 minutes.


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