How to prepare Fried Chicken?


Chicken (medium size)   –   1.3 – 1.5 kg

Kashmiri red chillies (remove seeds) –  10 to 15  nos.

Sankeshwari chillies – 8

Cloves – 6

Pepper – 5 gm

Cinnamon –  2″ piece

Garlic –  1/2 pod

Red onions – 60 gm

Salt – to taste

Oil –  to fry

Curry leaves – a few


Clean, wash and joint the chicken.

Grind together red chillies, pepper , cinnamon, garlic, and salt. Smear over chicken.

Put the chicken in a pan. Add curry leaves and cook till chicken is tender without adding any water.

Heat oil and fry the pieces of chicken. Serve hot or cold.

Gravy (optional)


Potatoes – 450 gm

Onions – 10 gm

Ginger – 5 gm

Coconut – 115 gm

Vinegar – 15 ml

Salt – to taste


Peel and cut potatoes and onions into quarters.

Peel and slice ginger.

Extract coconut milk.

In the pan in which chicken was cooked put potatoes, onion and ginger. Add salt and a little water and cook till potatoes are tender.

Add coconut milk and vinegar.

Bring to the boil and remove.


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  1. ReveApofe says:

    I like Viji’s Food Recipes

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