How to make Mutton Palak?

Ingredients:   (for 4)

Mutton – 500 gm

Spinach  –  4 bunches

Fenugreek leaves  – 1/4 bunch

Red chillies  – 5 gm

Turmeric  –  a pinch

Ginger – 15 gm

Cumin –  a pinch

Garlic – a few flakes

Green chillies – 5 gm

Salt – to taste

Onions – 115 gm

Fat – 30 gm


Wash and cut meat into even portions.

Grind red chillies, turmeric, cumin, ginger, green chillies and garlic.

Slice onions.

Heat fat. Fry sliced onions, add ground spices and fry well.

Add meat and a little  water and let it cook till meat is nearly done.

Wash and chop spinach and fenugreek leaves. Ad salt and cook without water.

Grind and add to the meat.

Cook till meat is tender . Serve hot.

N.B :- Chicken palak can be made in the same manner using chicken instead of mutton.


One Response to How to make Mutton Palak?

  1. pursuenaturalny says:

    What an excellent recipe, especially because of Spinach. Would you please check out my article on ginger and see if your recipe would be appropriate for that article. With your permission, I would like to link to your recipe for suggestions on using ginger in your diet.

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