How to Prepare Tartare Sauce?

Tartare Sauce    (300 ml)   (10 portions)

Served with fried and grilled fish, some meats and salads


Mayonnaise  –  300 ml

Capers  – 30 ml

Gherkins  (pickled)  –  55 gm



Chop capers, gherkins and parsley. Combine with mayonnaise.


Tartare Sauce  (campus) ( 15 – 20 portions)


Mayonnaise   –  2.36 litre

Mixed Vinegar  – 450 gm

Parsley  – 1 bunch

Tomato  (chopped) – 450 gm



Blanch tomato, remove seeds and cut into small cubes.

Chop pickles and parsley.

Combine all ingredients with mayonnaise.


Tartare Sauce (60 ml)  (2 – 3 portions)


Take four tbsp of mayonnaise and add 2 tsp of chopped capers and  1 level tsp of chopped parsley. Generally served with hot, fried fish.


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