How to Make Goan Chicken Curry?


Chicken  –  1

Coconut –  1

Turmeric  –  2.5 cm  (1″ piece)

Red chillies  –  8 to 10

Peppercorns  –  6

Cinnamon  – 5 cm  (2″ piece)

Cardamoms  – 4

Ginger  –  2.5 cm   (1″ piece)

Cumin –  1 tsp

Garlic – 1 small pod

Cloves –  4

Tamarind –  the size of  a lime

Vinegar  –  2 tsp

Oil  – 2 tbsp

Onions  – 2

Salt – to taste

Sugar ( Optional)  –  1 tsp


Clean and joint the chicken. Apply salt.

Grind turmeric, red chillies, ginger, peppercorns, cinnamon and cardamoms to a fine paste.

Slice onions.

Heat oil, fry onions till golden brown. Add chicken pieces and fry well. Add a little water and let it cook, covered, till meat is tender.

Grate the coconut. Grind and extract milk, When chicken is cooked add spices, coconut milk, tamarind juice, vinegar, salt and sugar and simmer for a few minutes longer.


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