How to Make Bread Sauce? Easy Popular Sauce Recipes

Bread Sauce      (300 ml)    (10 portions)

Serve with roast poultry, partridge, pheasant etc…

Bread Sauce


Milk  –  300 ml

Onion  –  30 gm

Margarine  –  30 gm

Crumbs  –  45 gm

Cloves  – 2

Mace –  1 blade

Lemon rind  – 1 lemon

Salt –  to taste

Pepper  –  a pinch


Simmer onion stuck with clove and mace in milk for half an hour.

Put breadcrumbs, margarine and seasoning into a bowl.

Strain flavored milk over the breadcrumbs  mixture.

Stand in a warm place to thicken.

Reheat and beat well. One tbsp of cream may be added if desired.



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