How to Make CHÂTEAUBRIAND SAUCE? All Sauce Recipes

CHÂTEAUBRIAND SAUCE   (200 ml)  (8 portions)

Sauce Recipes



Jus lie (made out of veal stock)  – 600 ml

Maitre  d’HÔTEL  butter – 225 gm

Thyme  – 1 sprig

Bay leaf – 1

Shallots  (chopped) – 60 gm

Mushroom trimmings – 60 gm

White wine – 300 ml


Put shallots, thyme, mushroom trimmings, bay leaf and wine into a pan and reduce to one-third.

Add the jus lie (veal gravy) and reduce to half again.

Strain through a muslin cloth.

Finish away from heat, with maitre d’HÔTEL butter.


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