How to Make Fish in Tomato Sauce?

Fish in Tomato Sauce

Ingredients:    (for 4)

Fish   (Preferably Salmon)   –  500 gm

Coconut   –  1/2

Tomato Sauce –  115 gm

Fat  –  50 gm

Butter  –  30 gm

Green Chillies  –  2 to 3

Ginger  –  a small piece

Mustard  –  a pinch

Coriander leaves  –  1/4 bunch

Salt – to taste


Grind together green chillies, ginger, mustard, coriander leaves and salt.

Clean and cut fish, wash well.

Smear fish with ground ingredients.

Heat a little fat. Fry fish lightly. Remove.

Add more fat and remaining spice. Mix well.

Put fish in a pan, pour  over the fat and spices, thick coconut milk and tomato sauce.

Add butter and allow to cook  until tender.

Serve hot, garnished with peas or fried potatoes.


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