How to Make Mixed Vegetable Soup? – Soup Recipes


Mixed Vegetable Soup


Stocks –  6 cups

Carrot  –  1

Potato  – 1

Shelled Peas  – 2 tbsps

Onion – 1/2

Butter  –  1/2 tbsp

Flour  –  1 tbsp

Milk  –  6 to 8 tbsps

Sugar, Salt and Pepper  –  to taste

Water  –  1/4 to 3/4 cup


Scrape carrot and dice.

Scrape and dice potato.

Chop onion finely.

Boil potato till almost tender.

Separately heat the quantity of water given, add sugar and salt.

Cook the peas and carrots uncovered in this.

Any remaining liquid can be mixed in the stock.

Melt butter. Add flour, stirring till it froths.

Gradually stir in stock to a smooth paste. Add cooked vegetables.

Simmer to desired consistency. Add salt and pepper. Remove from heat.

Scald milk and add to the soup. Check seasoning. Serve hot.

Enough for four to five people.


2 Responses to How to Make Mixed Vegetable Soup? – Soup Recipes

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  2. Women'S Mixed Accessories says:

    Gourmet Bread Mix calorie soup made of chicken broth, broccoli, potato, cauliflower, carrots and butter to volunteers before they ate a lunch entree.

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