How to Make Sour Pepper Soup? – Tasty Soup Recipes


Sour Pepper Soup


Stock – 2 cups

A Piece of Cauliflower

A Piece of  Pumpkin

A few Mushroom

Bean Sprouts  – 1 tbsp

Chicken (cooked)  – 1 tbsp

Few Prawns

Egg Cream  – 1  tbsp  ( Egg white beaten to which a little cornflour is added)

A pinch of  aji-no-moto

Salt and Pepper – to taste

A piece of bamboo shoot

Soya sauce



Shred the pumpkin, Mushrooms, cauliflower and boil with bamboo shoot, sprouted beans and carrots (cut in fancy shapes), chicken and prawns.

Cook till meat and vegetables are done.

Add the chicken stock soya sauce, seasoning, vinegar, and some chilli oil ( Oil in which red chilli is soaked for a while) and egg cream.


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