Some of the International Soup – Viji’s Food Recipes – Popular Soup Recipes


International Soups

There are many varieties, cold or hot, thin or thick soups. They have been placed in a special category, as they have different origins. There are soups that originated in a certain locality and are associated with that particular place. In some cases, these soups have a great tradition, as the New England clam chowder, helped the early colonists survive many winters. Crecy soup originated when nothing was available at the site of the Battle of Crecy. The carrots that were grown in the land were taken and cooked. Most of the national soups are unpassed soups.

Some of the International Soup

Name Of  Soup  And  Origin

Minestrone                                                      Italy

Green turtle soup                                        England

French Onion Soup                                    France

Petite Marmite                                            France

Scotch broth cock-a-leekie                   Scotland

Creole                                                            New Orleans

Mulligatawny                                             India

Bortsch polonais                                      Polland

Gazpacho and Olla-podrida                Spain

Manhattan Clam  Chowder                America

Hotch Pot Flamanda                             Belgium

Camaro                                                       Brazil

Laberkroedel                                           Germany

Paprika                                                       Hungary

Bouillabaise                                              France


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