How to Make Spanish Omelette? – Viji’s Food Recipes – International Egg Recipes


Spanish Omelette


Egg  –  6 large

Salt and Pepper – to taste

Sausages  –  2 small  (chopped)

Ham  – 50 gm  (cubed)

3 rashers of bacon  (cut into small bits)

Capsicum   – 1

Onion  – 1 small

Green chilli – 1 (chopped)

2 small red firm tomatoes

French beans  – 5 to 6

Cheese  – 2 cubes (grated)

Oil  – 3 to 4 tbsp


String and julienne beans, cut capsicum into match sticks.

Chop  onion.

Slice tomatoes.

Heat oil in a large frying pan over medium heat.

Fry onions to a light brown.

Add capsicum and french beans and fry for two minutes.

Add tomatoes and chilli and fry till mixture thickens.

Drain (so that some oil remains in pan) and keep aside.

In the same pan fry bacon and sausages till bacon is crisp. Drain and keep aside.

Separate eggs. add  2 tsp of water to egg white and beat till stiff. Fold in yolks, add salt and pepper .

Heat the same pan with the remaining fat over a low fire.

Pour two-thirds of egg mixture and tilt pan with hand, so that mixture spreads all over pan in a circle.

While egg is setting, arrange vegetable mixture on top, then the fried meat and ham.

Sprinkle grated cheese. Pour remaining egg over filling. When top is set, use a spatula and slide onto a large flat plate.

Cut into four wedges and serve immediately.

N.B :  A spanish omelette is versatile enough to have any kind of filling, like leftover vegetables, meat or fish.

To make it a party fare, add boiled peas, mushrooms and olives.

Use either garlic or celery salt, worcestershire, tabasco or chilli sauce to enhance the flavour.

A handful of broken cashewnuts and a garnish of chopped fresh coriander leaves add to the appeal.


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