Low – Calorie Diets – Viji’s Food Recipes – Food Tips


Very few people are overweight because of bodily disturbances. Most people are fat because they are sedentary in their occupation but eat as if they are vigorously active. Food, always a symbol of hospitality and good fellowship, is becoming more and more important. Alone or with others, most people love food. It reduces boredom and in times of stress and strain it acts as a palliative. When unhappiness is prolonged people can develop habits of over-eating that last a lifetime.

A man who normally eats about 2500 calories worth of food daily can cut 1000 calories from his diet and still get all the proteins, vitamins and minerals he needs.

A woman who normally eats only 2000 calories worth of food can spare only 500 to 700 calories each day.

The following points must be kept in mind:

Less food, but not so very much less as to affect health.

Avoid too much variety and spices.

Avoid sugar and sweets.

Use less fat and avoid rich meals.

Milk should to taken in moderation.

No pudding and pastries.

Use plenty of green vegetables but a reduce quantity of rice and chapatties. Avoid root vegetables.


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  1. vataplampirty says:

    I like this food recipe site.

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