Commonly Used Garnishes For Soups – Viji’s Food Recipes


Croutroles    –   Dices or other shapes made from bread, toast, pastry.

Profitroles   –   Prepared from chou paste. They are miniature cream puffs which may be filled or used plain.

Cereals   –   Rice or barley.

Cheese   –  Cheese balls or grated parmesan served with croutons on one side.

Cream  –  Unsweetened whipped cream or sour cream.

Meats   – Usually small dices or juliennes.

Poultry   –  Same as meat.

Seafood  –  Diced or flaked. Large enough pieces distinguishable.

Pastas  –  Noodles, spaghetti other pasta products such as star letters, cornets,  etc.

Vegetables  –  Cut in various sizes, shapes – juliennes, round slices, dices or sprig, printaniere vegetables.


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