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Miniature Cook Book

Dry herbs are fatal to a good salad, always use fresh ones.

Only the best quality of olive oil and vinegar are good for a delicious salad.

Mayonnaise and white sauce cream are not the only salad dressings.

Salad should be ready a few minutes before it is served.

It is the dressing that makes the salad, and not the salad that makes the dressing.

Honey mayonnaise ( 1 cup whipped cream and 1 tbsp honey) is excellent for fruit salads.

Before creaming sugar and fat together, keep spoon in boiling water for over five minutes.

If you wish the jam to be more delicious, do not remove the frothy scum which comes to the surface of jam or jelly mixture.

Don’t put icings or frostings on cakes before they are thoroughly cooled.

Do not stew fruit in an iron saucepan, because the action of acid on the fruit juice in the iron pan spoils flavour and colour of the fruit.


2 Responses to Miniature Cook Book – Viji’s Food Recipes – Food Recipes

  1. Dorothy Wagar says:

    I love your site! I have dearly loved Indian food since I first encountered it in a year in London in 1957-8. A month in India in 2007 confirmed my belief that Indian food is the best, because of the amazing use of spices to make the most of what are often small amounts of cheap and/or inferior ingredients. Any cuisine can make a kilo of lump crab taste great for four people, but Indians can take half a kilo of the toughest cut of goat and feed the same four people with food that tastes fantastic! In my experience, no other cuisine comes close to Indian.

    Am I taking too much for granted in assuming you are Indian? Where are you living now? I would love to know more about you. Are you going to establish a major recipe site or is this just a hobby?

    • viji says:

      Dorothy ,Thank you for your Comments. I am an INDIAN. I am very much interested in food making. As a hobby, i am publishing the items after preparing the items. You know, Indian foods are based on medicated values with suitable spices. They are conducive for seasons too.

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