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The astonishing range and variety of Indian chutneys and pickles are unrivalled in the world.


India is, of course, the home of fragrant spices. It is said that Indian spices and piquant chutneys reached such popularity in Europe, particularly around the seventeenth century that their prices rivalled those of gold. The abundance of spices and the glut of seasonal fruits, vegetables and fish, have resulted in the excellence of our pickles and chutneys.


Every kind of fruit and vegetables, meat and fish is preserved in our country. Tastes differ in different regions. In the South, gingelly oil is usually used, whereas mustard oil is used in  the North, resulting in delightful differences of flavour. The Punjab specialises in turnip and cauliflower pickles ;  they also make carrot kanji, which is fermented with broken mustard red chilli pickle is the outstanding contribution of Uttar Pradesh; chunda of Gujarat is delightful and very tasty ; avakkai, kadgu and thokku pickles of the South present and exquisite variety for the palate. Sweet – and – sour pickles and chutneys, such those as from  Bangalore, make a happy blend of Western and Indian cuisines. These products are also popular in the export markets, going from Bangalore and other places in India Sindhi pickles such as gur-ki-ambri, kadukash, mithi chutney and onion pickle remind us of the art that was in Sind, and is now almost lost to the new generations.


The onion pickle is the part of the lunch sent by bride’s  family on the wedding day to the bridegroom’s people. Then, there are exotic pickles of prawn, fish and meat. Parsis make delicious fish roe and prawn pickles.


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