How to Make Stuffed Eggs? – Viji’s Food Recipes – Easy Egg Recipes


Stuffed Eggs


Hard boiled eggs  – 7

Butter  – 2 tbsp

Chopped Onion  –  1 tsp

Fresh mushrooms  –  6 tbsp

Salt , Pepper and Paprika  –  to taste

Dry mustard  –   1/4  tsp

Parsley (chopped)  – 1 tbsp


Shell eggs. Cut lengthwise and take out yolks.

Freshly chop mushrooms just before cooking.

Melt butter, saute onion and mushrooms  gently till dry.

Mash egg yolks. Mix with onion mushroom mixture and season with salt, pepper, paprika and dry mustard.

Finally mix in freshly chopped parsley.

Stuff the egg whites with mixture and serve  as snacks.


How to Make Shanghai Omelette? – Viji’s Food Recipes – Easy Egg Recipes


Shanghai Omelette


Eggs   – 4

Leeks  –  15 gm

Carrots  – 15 gm

Flaked crap or prawns  – 15 gm

Cabbage  – 15 gm

Onion  – 15 gm

Capscium  – 30 gm

Salt – to taste

Oil  – to shallow fry


Wash and shred vegetables.

Cut up the capsicum finely.

Beat up eggs slightly.

Add vegetables , chopped prawns, salts, capsicum and mix.

Pour into hot oil and fry lightly like pancakes.

Garnish rice with strips of omelette.

How to Make Ceylon Egg Curry? Easy Egg Recipes – Viji’s Food Recipes


Ceylon Egg Curry


Eggs  –  4

Small onions  –  55 gm

Green chillies   –  1

Turmeric powder   –  1/4 tsp

Ginger  – 5 gm

Garlic  – 1 clove

Curry leaves  – 2 sprigs

Fenugreek   – 1/4 tsp

Cinnamon  – a small piece

Lime  –  1/2

Coconut  – 1/2

Salt  – to taste


Hard-boil the eggs, crack, cool in water. Shell and cut into halves.

Grate coconut. Grind and make a thick and a thin extraction.

Slit green chillies. Slice onions. chop ginger.

In a pan put together all the ingredients except eggs, thick coconut milk and lime juice.

Boil until all ingredients are cooked.

Add thick coconut milk and lime juice and stir well.

Add eggs.  Simmer for a few minutes longer, stirring all the time.

N.B :  The gravy by itself is known as coconut soup or kirihothi.

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