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Viji’s Food Recipes  In  Different Languages!

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How to Make Moti Pulao? – Viji’s Food Recipes – Popular Indian Recipes


Moti Pulao



Rice  –  1 kg

Salt  –  to taste

onions   –  400 gm

Seasoning   –  to taste

Saffron   –  a little

Lime juice  –  a little

Kewra essence or rose-water   –  a few drops

Sultanas   – 110 gm

Almonds  –  110 gms

Silver leaves  –   12  nos

Cornflour   – for binding

Paneer   –  230 gms

Ghee  –  230 gms

Pomegranate    –  110 gms



Prepare rice for Kashmiri pulao.

Serve hot garnished with fried dry nuts, silver leaves, fried small rollers of panneer  (with cornflour as binder).

Pomegranate seeds covered with silver leaves.


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