Commonly Used Garnishes For Soups – Viji’s Food Recipes


Croutroles    –   Dices or other shapes made from bread, toast, pastry.

Profitroles   –   Prepared from chou paste. They are miniature cream puffs which may be filled or used plain.

Cereals   –   Rice or barley.

Cheese   –  Cheese balls or grated parmesan served with croutons on one side.

Cream  –  Unsweetened whipped cream or sour cream.

Meats   – Usually small dices or juliennes.

Poultry   –  Same as meat.

Seafood  –  Diced or flaked. Large enough pieces distinguishable.

Pastas  –  Noodles, spaghetti other pasta products such as star letters, cornets,  etc.

Vegetables  –  Cut in various sizes, shapes – juliennes, round slices, dices or sprig, printaniere vegetables.


How to Make Chicken Khorma? – Viji’s Food Recipes – Easy Chicken Recipes


Chicken Khorma

Ingredients:    ( For 6 to 8 Person)

Chicken   –  1  (about 2 kg)

Coconut  – 1

Poppy seeds  – 100 gm

Cashew nuts  –  100 gm

Red chillies  –  1 to 2 gm

Green chillies  –    1

Coriander  –   10 gm

Onions  –  750 gm

Curds  –  500 gm

Fat  –  60 gm

Salt –  to taste


Clean and joint chicken. Grind together coconut, poppy seeds, cashew nuts, red chillies, green chilli, coriander and half the onions.

Heat fat and lightly saute remaining onions (sliced).

Add ground ingredients and fry for a few minutes.

Add jointed chicken. Fry for a further 5 minutes.  Add salt to taste and beaten curds.

Cook over low fire till done.

How to Make Stuffed Eggs? – Viji’s Food Recipes – Easy Egg Recipes


Stuffed Eggs


Hard boiled eggs  – 7

Butter  – 2 tbsp

Chopped Onion  –  1 tsp

Fresh mushrooms  –  6 tbsp

Salt , Pepper and Paprika  –  to taste

Dry mustard  –   1/4  tsp

Parsley (chopped)  – 1 tbsp


Shell eggs. Cut lengthwise and take out yolks.

Freshly chop mushrooms just before cooking.

Melt butter, saute onion and mushrooms  gently till dry.

Mash egg yolks. Mix with onion mushroom mixture and season with salt, pepper, paprika and dry mustard.

Finally mix in freshly chopped parsley.

Stuff the egg whites with mixture and serve  as snacks.

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