How to Prepare Rum Sauce? International Sauce Recipes

RUM SAUCE   (300 ml)   (10 portions)

Rum Sauce


Cornflour  –  15 gm

Water   –  300 ml

Sugar  –   2 tbsp

Rum   –  2 tbsp

Butter   –  30 gm

A pinch of powdered cinnamon


Mix the cornflour with a little cold water.

Boil the remaining water and pour on to the cornflour, mixing well.

Pour into a saucepan and stir till it boils.

Add sugar, powdered cinnamon, rum and last , the butter broken in small pieces.


How to Make Chinese Mixed Vegetables? Chinese Food Recipes

Chinese Mixed Vegetables

Chinese Mixed Vegetables


Garlic  –  2

Onions  –  100 gm

Carrot  –  100 gm

Cabbage  –  100 gm

Cauliflower  –  100 gm

Oil  –  2 tsp

Salt  –  to taste

Sugar –  1 tsp

Pepper –  2

Lime juice –  1/2 tsp

Soya sauce  –  1 tsp

Ajinomoto  – 1/2 tsp

Cornflour  –  1 tsp


Heat oil. Fry chopped garlic.

Add sliced onion and carrot sliced or in strips. Fry.

Add cubed cabbage and flowerettes of cauliflower.

Stir fry till half done.

Add lime juice, pepper, salt and sugar. Stir well.

Add cornflour blended in a little water. Stir and cook for 5 minutes. Serve hot.

How to Make Rum Butter?

RUM BUTTER  (150 gm)  (5-8 portions)


Butter – 55 gm

Rum – 1 tsp

Castor (or) Icing sugar – 115 gm


Cream butter and sugar.

Flavor with rum and set aside to cool.

Serve with Christmas pudding or other steamed puddings.

For another method

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