How to Make Christmas Pudding? – Christmas Special Recipes – Viji’s Food Recipes

Christmas Pudding


Carrots   –  55 gm  (grated)

Potatoes   –   75 gm  (grated)

Nuts  –   35 gm (chopped)

Soda bicarbonate  –   1/4 tsp

Nutmeg  –   1/4 tsp

Salt   –   a pinch

Refined flour  – 50 gms

Raisins  – 55 gm

Dates   – 55 gm

Butter  – 50 gm

Sugar  – 50 gm

Cinnamon  – 1/4 tsp (powder)

Cloves  – 1/4 tsp (powder)


Mix together grated carrots, potatoes, chopped raisins, dates, nuts  and sugar and butter.

Mix together soda, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, salt and flour.

Add to first mixture.

Put into a greased bun tin.

Steam for about 2 hours.

Serve with vanilla sauce or hard sauce.


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How to Make Tomato Sauce? Online Sauce Recipes

Tomato Sauce

Serve with Fish Orly, fried fish, meat, fish or vegetables cutlet, pastas etc…

Tomato Sauce


Tomatoes  –  225 gm

Bacon –  5 gm

Butter –  15 gm

Carrot  –  20 gm

Turnip  –  20 gm

Onions  – 20 gm

Refined flour –  15 gm

White pepper – to taste

Salt –  to taste

Stock or tomato liquid  – 30 ml

Sugar  –  1 tsp


Slice onion and tomatoes finely.

Shred carrot and turnip.

Put all of them into a pan with stock, bacon, butter and seasoning.

Cook until tender.

Rub through a sieve and blend in flour.

Return to pan and stir until it boils.

Boil for 4 to 5 minutes and remove.

N.B :-  Depending on the quality of the tomatoes, it may be necessary to increase the quantity of tomatoes used.

How to Make Cream of Peas Soup?


Peas – 350 gm

Carrots – 120 gm

Onions – 30 gm

Turnip  – 60 gm

Stock  – 750 ml

Milk – 300 ml

Refined  flour – 30 gm

Butter – 30 gm

Pepper –  to taste

salt – to taste

Mint – a few sprigs


Shell peas, grate carrots, turnip and onions.

Cook vegetables in cold stock. Add mint.

Prepare a white sauce with flour, butter and milk.

When vegetables are tender, sieve to make a vegetable puree.

Mix sauce with vegetables puree. Add seasoning.

Reheat. Bring to boil and serve garnished with chopped mint.

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